Jenny O. and Jennifer C., Kindergarten Teachers

“The Cloud 9 Program has had great impact in our classroom environment.  Since the implementation of the program we have noticed that our kindergarten students have been more aware of how their actions affect other people.  They are implementing the character traits in their daily life.  The students have also incorporated the character trait vocabulary in their daily vocabulary.  It has also helped the students develop their socialization skills by teaching them the proper way to treat each other.  As teachers the program has become a valuable tool to support our classroom environment and overall class culture. ”

Cheryl L., Principal

“Thank you for providing our school community with such a wonderful resource.  It has made a huge impact on our school’s culture.”

Ms. Tucker, Character Education Teacher

“Our goal at P.S. 135Q is to share a commitment in helping our students become responsible, caring and contributing citizens. Implementation of the Cloud 9Character Education  Program is an exciting and innovative program where the children of P.S. 135Qare not only learning the ABC’s of education but more importantly, the ABC’s of life, attitude, behavior and character. It is evident in our classrooms that the children are utilizing the skills learned from the Cloud 9 World program in a variety of social situations which they encounter. As a character education teacher I find the program to be most effective because it is not limited to the students alone, it involves the school community as a whole.”

Ms. L. Thomas

“As one of the character education teachers I have seen that the children are carrying over what they have learned both inside and outside of the classroom. Their overall behavior , attitude and self expression has improved based on what they have learned. Being  a teacher at P.S. 135 over the past 31 years and having had contact   with students in all grades. I have seen an overall change in the school environment. Parents have also brought to my attention the change in behavior and responsibility level of their children! Thank you Cloud9World"

Ms. K. Rivera, Character Education teacher

“The Cloud 9 World program has had such a positive effect on the students of P.S.135Q. They look forward to getting books, viewing the videos and having group discussions. The teachers have also embraced the program by using the vocabulary consistently with the students. I am so proud to help impart this knowledge to our students. Thank you Cloud9World for a fantastic program."

Joy Solomon, Challenger Elementary

“Our school uses the books and short videos, and our teachers are very happy with the associated lesson plans. The benefit of having our students, as well as our teachers receive a copy of each book is huge. I have to say the books are probably the most used, as teachers, students, parents, and even other members of the family benefit from their use, over and again.   I can’t promote this product, and the associated activities enough. I have said over and again, that I have not to date seen a program generate such interest on the part of teachers and staff, not to mention students and parents. I can without hesitation say we have complete buy-in at our school, and it is truly amazing to see the impact it has had on everyone. Simply put, it’s an awesome program.”

Ms. Marreo. Miami Dade Public Schools

“A different character trait was chosen once a month and discussed daily during social studies. Teachers wore pins emphasizing the character trait and posters with the trait were displayed in each classroom and around the school. Two school-wide activities were carried out each month and teachers held individual classroom activities celebrating the trait. Students gained knowledge and enjoyed talking about character.  Students would often ask “What’s next month’s trait?” or “What trait are we going to celebrate in December?”  Celebrating character became fun, important, and meaningful to our students. In addition, Cloud 9 World’s program includes a class set of books that students were able to take home. At home, parents discussed the traits with their children and were given activities to carry out. It was a wonderful “full circle” approach to learning about character.”

Ms. Bryant, Miami Dade Public Schools

“The students are excited about getting a book of their own every month and the have begun to ask questions about the places and activities in the in the books.”

Ms. Siddons, Miami Dade Public Schools

“Among the many practices at our school, including “Cloud9World,” was one of the unique and specific practices in the implementation of our Character Education program.  Cloud9World provides a yearlong school-wide program for character building PreK-5.  C9W builds on traits of honesty, responsibility, respect, and good citizenship among many to choose from.  At Springview Elementary, C9W is not just a series of lessons and activities; it is an ongoing process; it is a climate and mentality embraced by the total school population.  It is the school’s rationale, goal and objective to have the stakeholders inspire, challenge and motivate each other, the children, parents and community as we face anxiety, happiness, disillusionment, excitement and sorrow in our daily life.”

Rev. Jorge Sayago-Gonzalez, Chaplain St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School

“We can’t say enough great things about cloud9world!!!!”