About Us

Cloud9World was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing character education and wellness solutions for children and youth. In its 12 years of experience, C9W has enhanced, strengthened, and innovated its solutions, reaching 14 countries and more than 1 million children.

Our Vision

To change the world, one child at a time.

Our Mission

"To provide all children with the knowledge, strategies, and the tools they need to adopt positive character strengths and wellness habits throughout life".

Character Education and Academic Learning

Cloud9World’s programs are literacy-based and easily implemented in any classroom to support reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Five Reasons to Support Reading Literacy with Cloud9World:

Global setting and cultural diversity exposure

The best readers have had exposure to a variety of cultures and experiences. Cloud9World stories take readers around the globe to experience a different country and culture in every story.

Identification with Characters

Identification with characters increases comprehension and the ability to internalize and apply life lessons. Children identify with children much like themselves and talking animals in every story. They find it easy to relate to characters’ challenges and emotions.

Enhanced Vocabulary Acquisition

Cloud9World’s use of high-level vocabulary in a relatable story context allows children to stretch vocabulary acquisition beyond typical grade-level vocabulary.

Reading Skill Driven Comprehension Activities

Reading comprehension skills, such as sequence of events, main idea and supporting details, tone, and author’s point of view are taught and reinforced in context.

Collaborative Reading Experience

Reading together at school and at home results in shared experiences that reinforce good reading habits. Reading at home together encourages family bonding and spurs a love for reading.