Classroom Innovations

Classroom Innovations

An innovative bank of interactive and social self-paced modules to support teachers in gaining a greater understanding of mental health, social-emotional learning, and related areas. All instructions are available in multiple languages.

Professional Development for Teachers

Through a deeper understanding of current research-based practices in providing social-emotional learning skills instruction, supported practice opportunities, and appropriate feedback, teachers utilizing Cloud9World programs gain valuable insights that ensure their success in connecting with students and facilitating the learning process.

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What is Classroom Innovations?

Classroom Innovations is a collection of high-quality, interactive, personalized professional learning modules focused on a deeper dive into SEL-related topics for teachers.

Housed on a unique learning platform, every course introduces content through video and text and invites personalized practice to mastery through activities that automatically create a digital learning portfolio.

Learners are encouraged to progress through modules by tracking their own progress and earning points and engagement levels throughout the learning experience. Best of all, Classroom Innovations is professional development your way.

3 Ways Classroom Innovations Learning Adventures are Unique


They offer you an opportunity to personalize your learning by applying it directly to your thoughts and insights, your instruction, and the uniqueness of the students you teach.


They offer you an opportunity to interact directly with the content presented beyond checking for understanding.


They allow you an opportunity to interact with peers in other parts of the country learning some of the same techniques you may be learning.

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