Classroom Innovations is self-paced professional learning for teachers offered on a unique learning platform. It provides content related to character strength development, academic, social, and emotional skill building in students, emotional intelligence, behavior management, resilience, trauma, and wellness. It is sold as a separate product.

Yes, every program has a parent component as part of the program to support transparency and encourage parent learning and participation in their child’s education.

Is the Family Connection product different than the parent components found within the programs? Yes, Family Connections is designed specifically for families of PK-grade 5 students to encourage family learning and fun related to character strengths. Family Connections is comprised of fast-paced 150 videos in English and 150 videos in Spanish. The purchasing school may also utilize Family Connections within the school setting as needed. It is sold as a separate product.

Cloud9World believes in bringing stakeholders together for the benefit of student learning. Every school or district purchasing a Clloud9World product automatically receives logins for all stakeholders: parents, teachers, students, and administrators. Each of these user groups can access specific resources within the program purchased.

  • Teachers/Staff – access to everything on the learning platform
  • Students – access to content and digital assessments, as well as digital and printable games
  • Parents - access to content as well as digital and printable games and parent specific items
  • Administrators – access to assessment area to access and disseminate any assessment data as desired

Cloud9World programs can be customized to meet the needs of students through:

  • Choice of character strengths.
  • Elementary programs offer the content at 3 different reading levels to allow for greater differentiation.
  • Choice of activities in every lesson plan.
  • Choice of assessments (multiple choice, open ended, rubrics).
  • Choice of printable or digital of many resources.
  • A neurodiversity tab of activities is available for every character strength program.

Yes, all content is digital and available as a readable pdf, as well as a video or an audio book. It is also available in English and Spanish. Even tabs within the platform can be changed from English to Spanish with the click of a button.

At the elementary level, programs supplement reading literacy and are often integrated throughout the day. Curriculum is designed with specific integration points to make it easy for teachers to integrate throughout the day.

Within middle schools, the Cloud9World programs are utilized during mentoring periods, after-school, and during the school day through reading/language arts classes.

The high school programs are often aligned with career academies and implemented throughout the day in a variety of classes already covering related content.

All schools utilize the Cloud9World programs for all or most of their students, including those with diverse needs. Program depth allows schools to utilize the programs as part of behavior intervention.

The digital text (fictional stories in PK-5, non-fiction in 6-12) in each program is the direct instruction piece of the programs. They provide students with critical information to their learning. Teachers operate as facilitators of learning while using these programs.

Teachers do not need a counseling background to use any of the Cloud9World products. All Cloud8World products utilize the digital text (fictional stories in PK-5, non-fiction in 6-12) as the direct instruction piece of the programs. Teachers operate as facilitators of learning while using these programs.

Yes, Cloud9World welcomes district multi-year purchases.

Each Cloud9World program requires teachers spend only an hour of virtual training. Refresher trainings are also offered to schools who have used the program in years previous.

Cloud9World programs are well-known for their creative student-friendly content and teacher-friendly curriculum and tools. Each program is carefully built and designed based on the researched needs and appeal of the student levels served. The incredible depth of all the Cloud9World programs allow students to move through PK- grade 12 without repetition of character strengths keeping their sustained interest and engagement with new monthly video games, stories, and resources.

Cloud9World content is presented in positive matter-of-fact language and provides students with practical strategies, next steps, inspiration, and hope.

The Universal Screener (SECI) empowers administrators by capturing student voice through a digital assessment with 20–50-character strengths depending on the specific program. Administrators receive a school-wide score for each character strength as well as each of five domains: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

The Character Strength programs focus on specific character strengths chosen by the purchasing school or district, one per month. A wide variety of program resources are provided to encourage a deep understanding of each character strength. These programs also include a universal screener to help administrators identify which character strengths students to adopt each year, as well as track character strength growth.

The PK – 1 and grades 2-5 Wellness Suites focus on short bites of information related to wellness. These includes concepts related to setting healthy boundaries, self-care, healthy habits, and internet safety. Booklets provide content in units and lessons and are supported with lesson plans, digital games, and assessments to extend lessons as needed. The grades 6-8 and 9-12 Wellness Suites cover topics arranged in lessons in the following categories: mental/emotional concerns, internet safety, and substance abuse prevention. Lessons are digital and can be teacher-led or completed by students independently. Lessons include videos, lesson plans (if teacher led), video transcripts, study guides, printable management tips, a resource locator, and assessments.

These products are separate from one another. The Wellness Suite is included in the PK- grade 5 programs. The Middle School and High School Wellness Suites are sold separately from the Character Strength programs.