Grand Prarie ISD

In Grand Prairie ISD we use Cloud 9 World in all of our Elementary Schools. Our students love the program and our Counselors really appreciate the fact that EVERYTHING is already done for them. The lessons, parent communications, morning announcements, certificates, posters, buttons, stickers, and much more!! We have seen a decrease in discipline referrals since using the program, too. We are ordering the new Mindset books and are excited about incorporating them into our program as well =)"

Dana Jackson
Director of Counseling Services
Grand Prairie Independent School District

St. Thomas Episcopal

“Cloud9 has given St. Thomas Episcopal Parish School a common language and a solid platform that helps guide discussions at home, in school, and in chapel. The children relate to the characters, and the books are engaging and appealing. Both parents and teachers are delighted that there is consistent messaging on important social emotional values. The buttons are hugely popular, too!”

                                                                                Lillian Issa

Windemere Prep

Windermere Preparatory School LOVES C9W !  We have been using the program for several years now, and consider it to be an integral part of our curriculum.  Students, teachers, and parents look forward to discovering each monthly trait.  The materials are attractive and inviting, and the students have fun connecting with the animal characters. Teacher resources include parent letters, award certificates, and many other items which allow teachers to share the program with a click of a button. This year we started using the 21st Century Series for our 3rd through 5th grade students.  The new program is wonderful.  The traits are more age appropriate, for these older students.

Sabal Palm Elementary

Mary Ely, School Counselor

“The Cloud9World Program is BRILLIANT!  The enthusiasm to implement such a program is due to the unique quality, aesthetics, and powerful messages brought forth.  That is still the case; however, witnessing and feeling the immediate positive impact on the students, teachers, and parents along with the endless potential of the   “beyond the book” experiences makes it  exhilarating. As the school counselor, it allows services to be delivered at the highest professional level. Cloud9World is research based, aligns with ASCA Standards, integrates easily with Core Curriculum, instills pro-social behavior and academic achievement, as well as promotes parent involvement. The utilization of the program incorporates well with the RTI:B process; Tier 1: universal-the school environment/culture, Tier 2: adaptable-small groups, Tier 3: targeted-individual. The challenge to set “the stage” for personal, academic, and social opportunities in schools to help children thrive intrinsically to reach their full potential is now framed effortlessly in the Cloud9World Program. Most importantly, the students LOVE IT!  The motivation, anticipation, interest, and eagerness exhibited in the children from the virtue cards, books to take home, lessons, discussions is illuminating which  ignites teacher and parent excitement. The synergistic energy that naturally issues out of the Cloud9World Program sets it apart from any other character education program.”

Kerry M., 3rd Grade Teacher

“Cloud 9 has been a wonderful addition to our character education program at P.S. 306. With the help of Cloud 9, my students have learned what it means to have perseverance, respect, integrity, kindness, creativity, and gratitude. The students have been encouraged to have morals and live up to their values. The program has not only promoted positive relationships with peers but it has boosted the students’ self-confidence.”

Nicole M., K Teacher

“Cloud 9 is a fantastic program for my kindergarteners! It has helped them become better friends and students. I noticed how the appreciate each other and celebrate each other’s accomplishments much more.”

Salvatore M., Physical Education Teacher

“Cloud has provided our school with a great, kid friendly program, that has really helped our teachers to teach character education. The story books provided by the program, have helped to assist teachers by providing creative stories on how each character trait can be demonstrated. Cloud nine is an easy to implement and well organized program. As a teacher, I look forward to using this program for years to come.”

Jessica M., Assistant Principal

“The Cloud 9 World Character Education Program has greatly impacted our school community.  Each month the students have not only learned skills that will impact their character for years to come, but they remember each trait and can identify when they see these traits being demonstrated by others, using appropriate vocabulary when speaking about it. The Cloud 9 World program also coordinates perfectly with the development of our PBIS program as well. At P.S. 306Q we believe in teaching character in addition to academics to build a well-rounded individual whom thinks and reacts positively to the world around him.  The Cloud 9 World program helps support our vision.”

Pamela F., 1st Grade Teacher

“We have had the pleasure of implementing the Cloud 9 character education program in our school this year. It has been wonderful to see the excitement in the children every month as we teach them about a new trait. We absolutely love reading the books to them in class and they look forward to taking their copy home to read with their families. The children love the cute animal characters and are using the vocabulary they are learning on a regular basis. They are portraying the traits they are learning about in their actions. We have even heard children complimenting their peers on demonstrating the traits. In our first grade classroom, we overheard a student tell his partner that he was proud of him for persevering through a difficult math problem! The implementation of this wonderful program is apparent in our school through the actions and language of the children as well as the artistic work they produce. We absolutely love the program and cannot wait to teach it again next year.”